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Meeting between Miguel Edjang Angué and representatives of some Equatorial Guinean student associations in Spain

The Ambassador of Equatorial Guinea in Spain, Miguel Edjang Angué, in his obligation to assist and protect the interests of Equatorial Guineans residing in his jurisdiction, held a meeting this Saturday afternoon with representatives of some of the Equatorial Guinean student associations in Spain, to address the latest aspects related to the creation of a General Association of Equatorial Guinean Students in this European country.

During the meeting held at the headquarters of the Embassy of Equatorial Guinea in Spain, the representatives of the Youth for the Future (AJF), Equatorial Guinea Student Association (ASESGE), among others, informed the Ambassador of the degree of progress of the works to unify the different Equatoguinean student associations currently active in different Spanish localities.

“To state that in this case two associations are currently formed and they are either contacting all those that already exist or those colleagues who want to meet in a single association, and in this case make a confederation in such a way that we can have a single interlocutor of face to the Embassy and any other institution”, said Luis Enrique Ondó, representative of ASESGE.

The Equatoguinean diplomat, Miguel Edjang Angué, has taken the opportunity to call for unity, the spirit of solidarity with all Equatoguineans residing in Spain, showing that the Embassy is open to all without distinction of race, sex or political ideology .

“We are seeing that the diplomatic mission is very interested in this project to unify integrity and defend the rights of Equatorial Guineans here in Spain in all sectors: social, economic, educational. To thank Mr. Miguel Edjang Angué for this warm welcome that he always gives us, for the support he is giving us because only then will we move forward ”, said Melchor Marcos Nsue, representative of AJF.




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